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ATG - Transformer Gin

ATG - Transformer Gin


Designed to straddle large crossarm brackets found on most composite crossarms and can be used on composite, steel and wood pole structures.  Also features a multi-position, vertically adjustable lower saddle to accommodate clearance requirements on v-brace crossarm applications.


Gin assembly has a safe working load limit of 3,250 lbs. (includes load line and pull line in parallel) 






  • Specifically designed to straddle large cross arm brackets on composite, steel and wood pole structures. 
  • Multi-position, vertically adjustable lower saddle accommodates clearance requirements on both composite cross arms/brackets and wood crossarm V-brace applications
  • Each saddle is secured to the pole with 2” ratchet straps.
  • Made from high strength cast aluminum alloy   
  • 2 piece design allows for easier handling and installation (top unit wt. 31 lbs and lower unit wt. 18 lbs) 
  • A rubber pad is mounted to each saddle to prevent damage to composite poles and improve traction    
  • Wide ratchet handles provide easy operation when used with gloves
  • Blocks can be installed in the eye or from the included shackle
  • For hoisting distribution transformers and other apparatus up pole structures
  • Each Gin is marked with a serial number and safe work load limits  
  • Safe working load limit 3,250 lbs (includes load line and pull line in parallel)  
  • Patent Pending
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